Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Welcome to my new book blog.

I noticed recently that books, and my love of reading them, were starting to take over my Normandy Life blog.
The raison d'être of Normandy Life is to record "the gentle bucolic ramblings of a transplanted English rose" and I felt that I was wandering a little off the subject with my book lists, book linky parties and book reviews.
So, here is my new blog: "just books", which will do just what it says on the tin - be just about books.
On the sidebar you will find links to book reviews already posted on Normandy Life, a list of books that I've read this year and links to other blogs where books are the main event.
If you're just discovering me, welcome!
If you've followed me over from NL, hi, again!
However you arrived at "just books" I hope that you will stay a while, browse my library shelves and share your latest good reads and TBR list with me.

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